Droptober will provide you with the motivation and tools to change your life.

One month for the rest of your life.

Droptober’s ‘The Weight Loss Solution’ delivers shopping lists, daily eating plans, and moderate exercise routines. You will change your mindset, your body, and ultimately your life.

How Droptober will help you

Once you join Droptober, we will send you all the tools you need to make a great start on your weight loss challenge. After you join, you will be sent a personal eBook to get you on the right path.

You will receive The Weight Loss Solution, which contains:
Phase #1:

Changing Habits Commit to healthy habits while saying goodbye to unhealthy ones that are holding you back.

Phase #2:

Cleanse & Detox Spend five days cleansing your body with real food, water, and portion control – no pills, powders required.

Phase #3:

Food Guide Droptober’s shopping list and daily eating guide will provide you with a week of healthy and tasty weight loss meals

Phase #4:

Exercise Move your body so that you feel better, look better, have more energy, and lose more weight.

Phase #5:

Fasting Intermittent fasting works. A small change into your eating habits will stimulate further weight loss.

Phase #6:

Food Guide #2 Variety is the spice of life, so Droptober provides you with another week of healthy and tasty weight loss meals.

Phase #7:

Become the CEO of Your Body This mental approach is ‘harsh with a hug’ that will keep you in control of your health.

Phase #8:

Lifestyle / Maintenance Droptober might finish, but you will start a new phase of your healthy life. You will maintain and continue on.

You will also receive daily Facebook updates and a daily email containing:

Monday – Motivation. Sometimes just a quote or a picture can keep us moving towards our goal.

Tuesday – Recipe. Keep your tastebuds satisfied with a tasty Droptober recipe.

Wednesday – Exercise. Receive an outdoor training circuit that suits all levels of fitness.

Thursday – Read. Get involved by reading the latest news and science in the health and wellness industry.

Friday – Motivation. Each week, receive a double dose of motivation and inspiration.

Saturday – Recipe. Learn new kitchen tricks to sustain a healthy life.

Sunday – Mike’s Thought of the Day



Join the Conversation

Rule number one is your motivation to make a positive change.

Losing weight and feeling better is way easier if you have friends, so like us on Facebook and join the conversation.

We would love you to upload your recipes, images, and routines that have helped you on the weight loss challenge. Tell us your starting weight and what your goals are and post them online. At the end of your weight loss challenge we can see just how effective your lifestyle change was.

So join the conversation and give love and support to all those heading down the same path.

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Staying motivated for your weight loss challenge can be difficult.

We realise that this is not an easy thing. Make sure you have a good read of the Challenge Yourself page, and always keep your reasons at the forefront of your mind.

Along with all the material you will receive we have added all sorts of great tips and stories on the Motivation page. Encourage each other on Facebook and get your friends to sponsor you to raise funds for Variety.

Share your stories with us and we will post them to keep everyone motivated. Got an image of you and your weight loss? We would love to see it!

Remember why you started and where you want to be.

Drink well, eat well, and Get moving!