Get fit, get in shape, and help other people!

About Droptober

Droptober was born out of Mike’s desire to challenge and encourage more people to take control of their life on a larger scale.

He wants to motivate and show the world that by just changing your outlook and attitudes for one month you can change your entire life. No pills, powders, or potions required – just real, honest lifestyle change.

About Mike Jarosky

Mike was born in Chicago, USA and in his previous life worked as a strategic and financial consultant (CPA, MBA – Economics) with a major firm in the USA.

The story of Droptober and Mike’s current profession and his numerous articles and blogs on the subject of fitness and health are all intermingled. In short he woke up one day and saw he had become something he never wanted to be.

In Chicago and London Mike worked too much, drank too much, ate too much, was in appalling shape and the veneer of the lifestyle was wearing thin. Getting back in shape is not an easy thing to do, but years after moving to Sydney, Mike simply started by putting one foot in front of another. He researched, spoke with health and wellness professionals, and he eventually wrote 40 Days as a City Caveman.

The application of the principles in the book changed his life and his body.

Realising that a lifestyle change can be enormously pivotal for people, Mike changed careers.

He now works as a personal trainer in Sydney’s CBD and is a regular columnist for the likes of the Sydney Morning Herald, Melbourne Age, and various publications throughout Australia and New Zealand.




About Droptober

As a personal trainer, Mike specialises in toning and weight loss in Sydney, Australia. Some of his clients have reached their health and fitness goals by losing 5kgs (11lbs), while some have lost 50kgs (over 100lbs).

Droptober takes all of Mike’s experience and knowledge and brings it together in a weight loss challenge so that men and women from Sydney to London can live happier and healthier lives.


about droptober