Droptober 2012 – Graduation? Nope. Keep Going!

Dear Droptober Participants,

First, a huge ‘thank you’ for your support during Droptober – Just Drop 2kgs.  I’m personally thrilled (and even a bit emotional) at how the word has spread during this campaign in its second year, and I hope you have all had a successful and fun month…eating new/healthy foods, exercising, and getting outdoors in these amazing countries we live in.

It’s ironic that yesterday the obesity stats came out yesterday, and 63% of Australians are overweight – men are leading the way at 70%.  That’s shocking.

And AIA Australia’s Healthy Living Index Monitor states that 71% of us would like to lose a little or a lot of weight and cited healthy eating as the second highest driver of healthy living…and friends seem to be a negative influence on our healthy living.  Further,

o             52% of Australians are trying to eat more vegetables and fruits in their diets everyday;
o             51% are trying to drink more water each day;
o             40% are trying to have less sweets/snacks; and
o             26% are trying to reduce their alcohol consumption.

We need to stop ‘trying’ and call our own bullshit out, and it’s time to execute!  It’s time to get fit.  Maybe it’s time to spend a few less boozy weekends with friends and more time looking after your body.  It’s time to get healthy.  It’s time for this country to make a change during Droptober, and every month beyond.  You all have done it, and so can the rest of the country to make positive changes for ourselves, and to pass along a healthy lifestyle to our children of this country!

I have received emails of 2kgs, 4kgs, and even 6kgs lost.  It’s amazing, and I love the commitment and desire.  Shoot…Droptober can be life changing for some people!  Congrats to you all.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.  I hope you will ‘keep going’.  That’s the title of your last blog of the month…below.  This is similar to last year’s blog, but it’s once again appropriate.

Please keep in touch and spread the word mid-next year.  Droptober 2013 is sure to be bigger, better, and will raise even more money for more charity.

Kind regards,

Mike Jarosky

Keep going

Stay inspired. Drink water. Exercise harder. Eat healthy foods. Become a better chef. Find new fitness challenges. Lose more weight. You look better so if you’re single go out and get some lovin’ or find a date. If you’re attached, make love to your partner with new energy. Celebrate with a long hike with a fit friend and a grab a beer at the end. Watch less TV and do more hiking. Get your children involved in sports. Teach your children about a healthy lifestyle. Play a sport with your kids and have some laughs. Spend more times in the outdoors. Share recipes with your buddies. Get a personal trainer. Become a personal trainer. Travel more. Smile more. Laugh more. Bitch less. Look people in the eyes and shake hands like you mean it. Be patient. Hold more doors. Go to bed…sober. Wake up early and watch a sunrise. Then go for a hike, and you’ll feel like the planet is yours. Exercise hard, grab a red wine, and watch a sunset. Keep stretching. Buy a Labrador. Go on long jogs with your Labrador. Swim with your Labrador. Turn the computer off. Watch less bulls–t television. Watch less bulls–t television with Charlie Sheen. Write more. Read more. Keep in touch with your energy. Keep it positive. Check in with yourself every 10 days to make sure you’re smiling, relaxing, and loving. Drink more water. Drink less sugary bulls–t energy drinks. Ease up on the booze. Be satisfied with the mobile you have…it’s just a phone. Throw the video games in the trash and don’t worry about the bigger, slimmer television coming out next month. Jump some rope. Keep rowing. Keep doing the burpees. Hate the stairs, but love the stairs. Help a friend with his/her own lifestyle change. Give a homeless guy a couple of bucks. Weigh yourself in three weeks time and three weeks after that. Spend less time on the couch. Spend less time in the dessert aisle. Eat your vegetables. Learn more about vegetables. Grow your vegetables. Keep sweating, swearing, and laughing. Exercise. Subscribe to a fitness magazine. Buy new jeans. Buy a outfit. Buy new fitness gear. Get a new haircut. Jump. Laugh. Run as fast as you can. Reach the top of those stairs with a smile. Challenge yourself in the outdoors with the sun shining on you, then shower, then relax with a DVD. Tell your parents you love them. Tell your partner that supported you along the way during Droptober how grateful you are for his/her support. Look him/her in the eyes, and say those three magic words.

It’s not over.

You can keep going through November…December…and into the new year.  Make your new, healthy lifestyle a permanent lifestyle.  If your short term memory fades, just remember this – I must stay healthy…because I have to.

Because it’s the best way to live;
Because it’s a good example for the next generation;
Because an individual can’t love, run, and have fun while fun being ill;
Because we owe it to our families to be around for a while;
Because improving quality of life is damn important;
Because the cost of healthcare is out of control;
Because a healthier person looks like a younger and fresher person;
Because taking medication sucks and a we don’t find health in a chemistry set;
Because if you were born healthy, that is an amazing gift that we should honour as we have grown into adults.

Be healthy, stay fit, and keep going!

Again, thanks so much for your support of Droptober 2012.

Hug, Mike

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