It’s Your Health – Do it for You!

To make any big shift in your health you have to want it to for you – no one else.

Your health doesn’t just revolve around what you put into your mouth, which is a mistake that many of us make when we think “health”. It’s much bigger than that – it’s also level of fitness you undertake and it’s also the level of happiness you choose to carry around, and yes – it is a choice!

To have a complete shift when it comes to your health (or anything for that matter!) you need to firstly make no excuses. Then you change your eating habits. A great way to start is to switch from your regular 3 meals a day to more frequent, smaller meals per day – I’m talking 6-8 meals. This increases your metabolism, keeps your blood and sugar levels consistent and also requires you to adjust your portion size.

On that note, many people in Australia don’t even know what a regular portion size is. If you’re unsure of what you put on your plate I’d suggest you cut it by 30% then serve it up. Choose foods that are lean and carry lots of viatmins and minerals. Learn to love veggies and lean meats and limit your carb intake especially at night. And I know it’s a big ask, but say good-bye to bread if you can  – particularly white bread.

Sometimes the biggest changes are actually the small ones – the small, everyday things you can eliminate like choosing to let go of that coffee with milk and opting for an espresso instead, drinking more water to curb your appetite, and cutting out that chocolate bar in the afternoon.

You should also aim to exercise 4 times each week. This is realistic and achievable – and before you complain, that’s still three days off! Find a partner or a friend who supports you and indulge in both high intensity workouts such as short bursts of 40 minutes so you sweat, but also add in other exercise such as lengthy walks. You need both weights, endurance and cardio to ensure you have a good exercise regime.

Often people will wonder why they are not shifting any weight when they walk the same path everyday at the same pace. Your body becomes use to it so shock it up!

With summer coming swim, surf, run later at night or join a club sport and be active – there really are no excuses.

Above all else speak positively to yourself. Find a great quote stick it on your ceiling, set that alarm and NO EXCUSES. If you want to change you can.

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