The Weekend… Drinks or Keep it Healthy?

If you haven’t read The Droptober Effect yet, please do.  Today’s little blog will echo what’s been written, but sometimes it needs to be said again.  It’s Friday in Australia, and in Sydney, it’s a big, big weekend.  The sun is out, there are ships in from all over the world, and Sydney Harbour will be exploding with activities, fireworks, parties, and…DRINKS.

Whether you’re in New York City, LA, or Perth, it’s your weekend too.  So, do you go for it with end of the week celebrations on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?  Or are you going to do what’s right for your health?

It’s DROPTOBER, so we all know the answer.

Trust me.  I’ve been there and hammered the drinks, but I made a change.

Tuesday night wine and/or beers because you’re bored isn’t a celebration…that’s feeding your feelings.  Instead of the habitual drinking, I’m now more for ‘celebratory’ drinks.

Having a tough Droptober week at work, all while making healthy changes in the kitchen and gym…that’s when you can enjoy a few on the couch with a DVD or at a celebration bbq or party.  Rather than drinking three, four, or five days a week, let’s make it just one.  That’s a massive transfer in health!  Let’s do it in Droptober.

How about a month of less booze.  Why?  Because alcohol:

a)      Dehydrates – a dehydrated body is an unhealthy body;
b)      Is high in calories – wine, mixers, beer, and coloured hard alcohol is loaded with calories;
c)       Is expensive – when you drink less, you spend less, and more money is better than less;
d)      Goes so well with crap food – after a few, you’re looking for bulk, fat, sugar, and junk.  More calories;
e)      Leads to a hangover – when you’re hung over, your energy is down…your relationship with people changes, and your ability to exercise decreases; and
f)       Creates a hangover that accompanies crap food – big nights usually lead to big eating days the next day, possibly hair of the dog, and doing it all over again.

Tonight, I’ll admit – I’m going out!  But I’ll be in bed by 10pm, and tomorrow I’m going to a farmer’s market for some fresh food, and then I’m heading out for a 15km hike around Sydney Harbour.  So, a little boozy fun is backed up with health.  That’s how you negate some naughty fun.

In Droptober, a few celebratory drinks are you friend – you deserve it!  But remember to keep it in control this month if you’re looking to stay healthy and lose a few lbs/kgs.

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