Weight Loss – Mom Style

I am a mum, which means I am busy, often tired, I am a great juggler, and I am always doing things for others. I spend my days either at work, ferrying the kids to activities, breaking up fights, constantly tidying up the toy room or doing mountains of washing.

I really do not have time to do anything for me! This is an unfortunate reality for most mums!

However for me it was over 12 months ago when I realised I had to start losing the weight I had put on since having kids, and that things had to change.

I was on my quest to lose the Bubba Blubber!

I had sorted my diet out relatively quickly but it was the exercise part I was unsure about. I knew I had to do something, I had to move my body, I had to expel energy, but most importantly I had to find something that I loved.

I knew considering time was an issue, or lack thereof, if I was going to have to cram something else into my day, my week, my month, it had better be worth it!
Something would have to give in order to fit this exercise in.

The most important thing to remember is if you are doing an exercise you LOVE, it will not feel like exercise, it will not feel like a chore, you won’t feel like you are having to force yourself to do it! It can be FUN!

For me it was an easy decision, when I was younger I danced, and loved it! It was a passion which is still within me. So I took up Zumba classes. I go twice a week, plus I have the DVDs at home so I can keep up my exercise on weekends.

This photo is of my wonderful Zumba teachers Emily and Mario Martinez who keep me motivated to come back each week. This was taken after we had just completed a Zumba-a-thon (2 hours of pure body shaking Zumba!) something that I could not have done 12 months ago.

I enjoy the music, I enjoy the dancing, I enjoy the energy that comes from people around me. I simply enjoy the exercise!

What keeps you motivated?

Is it music?
Is it beating a PB?
Is it being around people?
Is it being part of a competitive team?
Is it getting hot and sweaty?
Is it being outdoors?

These questions can help you find what exercise will work for you.

Remember you need “me” time and a regular class, or set time each day or week can help with the motivation as it is will become part of your routine. Exercise too has proven to relieve stress, it can help you sleep better, and the social aspect is great for adult interaction which something us mums crave!

Find your passion, find your love, and if you can move your body to it, then go for it!

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