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Droptober 2017

Join us for just one month of healthy living and weight loss, or ramp up your lifestyle change with these options:

Weight Loss Challenge

‘Cut the BS Diet’ will change your body, and it will change your life. You will receive more food plans and additional help to guide you through your weight loss journey.

Need more personalised help?

Droptober 2017 has a ‘Coaching Option’. In joining, you will receive a weekly, 15 minute Lifestyle Coaching calls from Droptober’s founder Mike Jarosky, to keep you on track, motivated, and accountable to a healthier life.


Email Mike (prices discussed) on the Contact page, and get your entire office involved. Mike will deliver a personalised, one hour (Australia only) “CEO of Your Body” strategy to get your team motivated.

Just a reminder of the awesome tools you get when you join:

Droptober eBook – Your monthly guide with shopping lists, eating plans, and an exercise guide.

Accountability Calendar – A reminder that keeps you committed each day.

Daily Facebook Updates & Newsletters – Stay involved and motivated.

Eight Phases of Weight Loss – From cleansing to exercise and healthy eating, you’ll receive tools that guarantee one thing – a happier, healthier life.